I was born in Invercargill, 1950. From technical training at school I began work with the NZED as an electrical draughtsman. I began sculpture at home with Oamaru Stone carving, progressing to cast aluminium and fabricated works. A three months stint at Canterbury University Art School gave me a sense of place and ability I needed due to a lack of previous formal training. I left to take up an appointment as the first Director of Lakes District Centennial Museum, Arrowtown. Three and a half years later I moved to Waikato Art Museum as Exhibitions Officer, for five years. This was followed by a short stint as curator at Museum of Transport and Technology. I then became the first Director of Whangarei Museum, a position I held for thirteen years. I was steel yacht building at home when I joined the ANZAC Frigate project. A one month stint turned into seven years. Next became Director/Exhibition Designer for Alexandra Museum setting up a new building on contract for 16 months. Following this contract I have returned to sculpture full time. In the intervening years of marriage and children, I had stopped pure sculpture getting my artistic satisfaction from my museum exhibition work and graphics work.

I have now been back at it full time for over seven years. In the earlier days I exhibited mostly in the lower South Island but also in a Wellington Academy New Artists exhibition and a Hansells Sculpture Competition, Masterton, once.

I mostly work in steel and I have been doing more work in a rust resistant type commonly known as Corten. This steel is alloyed with a little copper or nickel providing more resistance to corrosion while retaining the rich satin oxidized surface.

I exhibit major pieces at exhibitions and sell through dealer galleries. I also sell smaller multiple craft type work in galleries. I have a steady stream of commissions too.

I draw using a CAD programme and I have many of the smaller plates laser cut. I built a small gas forge and often hot shape the pieces. My father was a panelbeater/coach builder finishing his apprenticeship building steel panelled wooden framed buses. We grew up with a well equipped workshop and encouragement to make things. I learnt many skills from both my parents. A period building two steel yacht hulls has give me confidence in handling larger objects and solving engineering problems.

Most of my work is designed with gardens in mind. Indoor sculpture requires space that most houses don’t have but gardens usually have more expansive areas to both show and enjoy the work.

I think art is an eccentric thing, totally selfish. It most of all must please and satisfy the artist. If the object pleases many others then that is a benefit. Art stirs emotions in the viewer and these emotions it evokes need not be pleasurable. It may be powerful and threatening, uplifting and inspiring or quiet and introspective. Quirky and amusing is just as relevant.

Phone: (09) 4377077 Email: Address: 20 Clemo Road, Whangarei, New Zealand
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